Dear Parents/Guardians:

In support of our commitment to promote healthy learners, this year all students, of Gaagagekiizhik School, will be receiving vision screening.

A child’s vision can change every year, therefore it is important that every student receive a vision screening annually to identify children who have a vision problem and need to be seen by an eye care professional. Early detection and treatment of a vision problem is critical to your child’s educational success, health and well-being. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, many healthcare providers were unable to conduct business as usual to ensure adequate opportunities for those in need. We are pleased to be collaborating with the Kenora Optometry Clinic to bring vision screening to the students, of Gaagagekiizhik School, and look forward to ensuring every child is healthy and ready to learn.

Steps for Vision Screening:

  1. Parent Consent Form – Please see attached.
  2. The school will book and accompany students to Optometry Clinic. (You will be notified of appointment time).
  3. Parents will be provided with a report of their child’s vision screening results, from The Optometry Clinic.
  4. The school can make arrangements to pick up glasses for students.

Please sign the consent form (below), and return it to the school, by Friday, October 21, 2022, if you would like your child to participate in our Vision Screening Program.


Wendy McPherson 
Principal – Gaagagekiizhik Elementary School & Bimose Community High School
(807) 548-4912 ext 1
1450 Valley Drive 
Kenora, Ontario 
P9N 3Y4

👇🏾 Download the Consent Form Here