Boozhoo, Dear Parents and Guardians of Gaagagekiizhik School Students:

I am excited to inform you that we will be returning to in-person classes on Monday, April 11, 2022. We understand that the return to school is vital for your child’s education and well-being, therefore we have taken steps to ensure that all students can return on Monday and do so safely. While the risk to becoming severely ill due to the coronavirus is considered to be low, we will continue to put social distancing and infection control measures in place to keep all members of our school community safe.

It is important that we maintain proportionate infection control and social distancing measures when we welcome back students and staff. To ensure everyone’s safety, we will be enforcing the following as part of our risk management plan:

  • Enhanced cleaning including cleaning any frequently touched surfaces throughout the day.
  • Students will continue to participate in their groups for breaks and school activities.
  • Encourage frequent hand washing.
  • Social distancing in classrooms, hallways, and breaks.

For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the school at the above number, or contact me at the contact info below.


Wendy McPherson – Principal
School: (807) 548-4912 ext. 1
Cell: (204) 807-4956
Email: [email protected]