Dear Parents and Guardians of Gaagagekiizhik School:

This is Mr. Landon, the Physical Education Teacher writing to you. The Kenora Minor League Baseball season is about to begin after Easter Weekend. Registration closes on April 14th for all ages.

The registration link is as follows:

The cost per child is as follows: Payment is due on the first day of evaluation camp and not due upon registration itself.

  • $60 per child for Timbits (6 years old and younger)
  • $105 per child for 9 years old and younger
  • $155 per child for 18 years old and younger

The registration fee includes a $50 jersey deposit that is refundable at the end of the season. Triple Play Kenora is available for financial support for up to $300 per child per year. Triple Play keeps information confidential for families and the coaches don’t know which children are funded through Triple Play. The application is specific to each child and family, therefore must be filled out by parents or caregivers. You must apply as soon as possible as Triple Play needs time to process applications. The Triple Play link is as follows:

As I grew up in Kenora, I participated in organized sports through the available minor leagues in Kenora. I am encouraging you to ask your child to try something new this spring and enroll in baseball. I will be sending out the same newsletter for soccer too.

I have been in contact with the organizer of the Kenora Baseball League and she has been amazing at answering any questions anyone may have. Please feel free to contact me with any possible questions. There is a discount code to avoid the late registration fee, it is BIMOSE2022.

Ryan Landon
Physical Education Teacher
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 807-464-5159