On behalf of the Bimose Tribal Council Board of Directors and Staff, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Fawn Wapioke as Executive Director. Pimbomwaytamok izhinikaazo. Mooz odooteman. Iskatewizaagegan Odoonjii.

Fawn brings a wealth of knowledge spanning 15 years in leadership roles, having served three terms as Councillor for her home community of Iskatewizaagegan #39 and one term as Chief.  Her lifelong passion has been in education and for the past seven years, Fawn has worked within Bimose Tribal Council where she led the Anishinaabe Student Achievement and education programs.

Her leadership vision for Bimose Tribal Council is one of unity.  She believes our communities, staff and Board already have the expertise and knowledge needed to make an impact in all areas Bimose services (Education, Business, Technical Services and Advisory Services).  Her hope is that the youth in our communities can see themselves reflected and to take pride in seeing Anishinaabe people working in these areas.

Fawn is a mother to four children. She raises her family in her home community surrounded by our Anishinaabe teachings, language and ceremony. When she is not working, Fawn travels to powwows throughout North America or to hockey tournaments with her children.

Fawn holds a Bachelor of Arts with a focus in Native Studies and Political Science and a Bachelor Degree in Education. Her professional development training includes management, leadership, facilitation, and conflict resolution.

The Board is very excited to welcome Fawn as Executive Director of Bimose Tribal Council. As former Chief and Councillor of her community, Fawn brings a wealth of experience in leadership, strategy and public relations.”
 – Fabian Blackhawk, Board Chair

Bimose Staff and Member First Nations welcomes you!

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