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Culture and Language Resource

The Culture & Language Resource is responsible for providing direct and indirect Cultural and Language services to Kiizhik Education Corporation. The Culture & Language Resource will develop, support and advise on cultural practices for the schools to facilitate the preservation and promotion of Anishinaabe traditions to enhance positive and strong cultural identity.

School Principal

The Principal is responsible for the overall operation of our Urban First Nation School. They will ensure that the students who attend have programming and support that meet their own unique educational, emotional, social, cultural, and physical needs. The Principal will also ensure the school meets all provincial licensing and curricular requirements.

Education Assistant

The Education Assistant will collaborate with the teaching staff to reinforce prepared lessons and/or routines in the classroom. They will also participate, in conjunction with the teacher in instructing the student(s) in a classroom environment.

Substitute Teachers

2022/2023 School Year Required for casual replacement of permanent teaching staff. Qualified substitute teachers are required to have a current Ontario College of Teachers certification. Unqualified individuals interested in substitute teaching may apply and be...