Principal’s Message



I am proud to be involved in a program that offers so many opportunities for our Anishinaabe youth. We are happy to see continued progress of our students. For three years already, students have graduated from Bimose Community High School. This is the crowning moment of their high school careers, both for our students, their families, and their communities.

Our program started with a very small number of students and has grown significantly. We offer a blended program where students experience regular classroom instruction for the majority of their courses while still having the flexibility of the alternative education independent study courses. We also have a very qualified staff to provide instruction to our students with areas of expertise that include Ojibway Language, Photography, Yearbook, Drama, Physical Education, etc. All our teachers are certified with the Ontario College of Teachers.

We share the building with Gaagagekiizhik School, an Anishinaabe emersion school ranging from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6, and our students are presented many opportunities to mentor and set an example for the younger students. We have monthly pow wows, feasts, and welcome Elders into the building to visit with our students. We provide a daily smudge for our staff and students which helps to start the day out with a natural calm and sets the tone for the day. We provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for our students as well as a student success plan that helps the students to discover and pursue the paths that they are interested in for their education and future endeavors.

Bimose Community High School offers many opportunities for our students for learning, community involvement, Anishinaabe culture and language enrichment. We welcome parents, guardians, and community partners to come to the school for a visit.


Darcy Wickham

Phone: (807) 548-4912 ext. 110
Email: [email protected]