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Grade Levels: 9-12             School Hours: Mon-Fri. 8am-4pm            Phone: (807) 548-4912            Fax: (807) 548-5917               Email: [email protected]            Address: 1450 Valley Drive, Kenora, ON P9N3Y4

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School Information

  • Support the academic needs of all adults and at risk students in the Bimose Tribal Council member communities
  • Develop programming that helps enhance career opportunities
  • Develop programs that meet the cultural/traditional needs of our communities
  • Deliver educational programs that meet the specific learning styles of the learners in our communities
  • Support a learning model that is connected to personal growth

Our alternative education program provides services youth from age 14-21. Funding options will be explored for each potential student

Student over 18 and who have been out of school for a year or more qualify for the PLAR (Prior Learning and Recognition) which allows them to do assessments in five content areas (English, Math, Science, History and Geography) and when compltere, it fills in all their grade 9 and 10 credits (up to 16 credits). PLAR gives students an opportunity to jump ahead in their education and be successful quickly.

Co-operative Education

Students have the opportunity to work at either a paid placement or unpaid placement and earn credits towards their graduation.  This is a valuable program that allows students to gain work experience while also earning credits.

Extended Cultural Learning

We are continually working to arrange programs where students travel to First Nations communities for cultural learning. Elders teach culturallearning and the way of the Anishinaabeg. Students can potentially earn credits after completion of Elders’ teachings and the additional online work required.

Hands-on  Learning

We are implementing various hands-on courses to engage the students in learning. We provide a safe and cultural learning environment where students take an active, hands-on role in thier own education and the betterment of thier communities.

We will report each month to the band on progress and attendance of each student. We try to be very accommodating of individual needs. We have independant study courses that allow students to work at thier own pace and complete credits quicker with the aid of the teacher when neccessary. Additionally, there are attendance incentives in place.

Literacy Test

We are registered with EQAO to offer the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) enabling students to complete this mandatory requirement for graduation with us. We also have a Literacy Course to help students complete this requirement. The Literacy Course fulfills the Literacy Test requirement and the student also earns a credit towards graduation.

Incentives for Credit Completion

We have incentives in place for every student who completes a credit. They will receive an incentive. If a student completes 8 credits throughout the year, they will receive 8 different incentives as well as the credits.

Our goal is to help students complete their required course credits for graduation while helping them with cultural, social, and physical education. Each student has a personalized assessment based on his or her academic history to properly determine the fastest, most effective route to graduation. An Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OOSD) requires 18 compulsory credits, 12 elective credits, 40 community service hours and passing of the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT).

Phrase of the Week

The Anishinaabemowin Phrase of the Week is:
Miiwiipa jitago shin aandeg
Mii-wii-pa ji-ta-go shin aan-deg
(pretty soon the crows will arrive)

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